Volleyball Clothing: What do you need to play volleyball?

Volleyball Clothing: What do you need to play volleyball?

What do you need to play volleyball? Here is a guide to volleyball clothing and the equipment you need to create the perfect kit.

Every time we decide to get into a new physical activity, we know how important it is to prepare for it. Not only physically, but also in terms of the right clothing and equipment. Whether you’re an adult and want to start volleyball with friends again, or you’re a young person already exercising – or parents looking for volleyball clothing for their children – this article offers tips and reviews of the best products to create a volleyball kit for you. We are talking about a beautiful and very fun sport: it is played in teams, where the two teams consist of 6 people. The goal is to drop the ball on the ground in the opponent’s half of the field. In this way, with a maximum of three touches per team for each action, you get the necessary points (25) to win a set (three out of five to win the game). The regulation playing field is rectangular in shape, 18 meters long and 9 meters wide, and divided into two sectors of 9 by 9 meters by a net 243 centimeters high in men’s competitions and 224 centimeters in women’s competitions. Inside the perimeter of the midfield is drawn an attack line 3 meters from the net that divides the area into an attack zone and a defense zone. The six players on the field have specific roles and occupy the attack zone and the defense zone (three for each). Among the roles of the various players there are substantial differences in the game that can also be reflected in the choice of the most suitable volleyball clothing, accessories and the type of shoes to use.

Lighter shoes may be suitable for players who are in the attack zone and find themselves having to jump often, to make a wall or to crush. Those who instead move in the defense zone could benefit from shoes that allow quick changes of direction and agile and fluid movements. Knee pads are useful for all players on the court, but a defender’s volleyball kit could also include elbow pads. Those who work in defense will often find themselves picking up balls by throwing themselves on the ground and rolling. With this type of movement is easy to cause burns and abrasions on the arms, elbows and knees that the right equipment can prevent or mitigate. If you are parents looking for what it takes to play volleyball for your children, I advise you not to be alarmed and look for standard qualities and features. Initially children will play in all roles and certain techniques will only be introduced later. In this article we want to offer you an overview of what you need to play volleyball: from volleyball clothing, to the necessary equipment to create a perfect kit to be able to practice this sport in your home garden.

Volleyball clothing and not only: what you need to play volleyball

Here is what you need – broadly speaking – to practice this sport, in the gym, outdoors or at home. There is a lot of volleyball clothing, but also some not wearable accessories.

Volleyball shoes

This is the element on which I would put more attention! Even when you are just starting out and you only practice volleyball at an amateur level. Wearing the right shoes during physical activity can really make a difference, both from a performance and a healthy point of view. The main feature that the right shoes for grass volleyball must have is the cushioning: they must cushion the shocks given by the jumps in an appropriate way. In this way you will protect your back and your joints.

Volleyball clothing

Important for both the upper and lower parts. For both t-shirts and shorts, the main requirement is comfort. The t-shirts must not be too tight, otherwise they may impede movement or cause discomfort, but at the same time not too wide to be an obstacle. Shorts differ substantially between men and women. Men’s trousers are wider and slightly longer, while women’s trousers are tight, often in stretch cotton to adhere perfectly to the legs.

Knee pads

Perhaps this is the most critical accessory among all that is needed to play volleyball. The knee pads are of different types: from the softest and most suitable for beginners, to the most rigid and large ones more suitable for those who practice at a competitive level. The knee pads must not compress the knee, so as not to block blood circulation in the legs and to allow free movement; at the same time, however, they must be well adherent so as not to slip. If they are the right size, you must be able to bend your legs completely and forget that you are wearing them while playing. In addition to being resistant, they must also be breathable. At the beginning I said that they are a critical element to choose, this is because, at least in my experience, it is not easy to find the perfect ones at first shot. You need to wear them for some training before you can understand if they are really the right ones made for us.

Elbow pads

Personally, I have never worn them, but at a competitive level there are many athletes who use elbow pads to protect themselves better. They are essentially quite long sleeves that protect most of the arm from bruises and abrasions that can occur after an exhausting defense session. They are therefore especially recommended for those who find themselves defending the ball in the back line of their own half.


If you want to play in the park with friends, or simply train on the outside wall of your home alone before going to the gym, the ball is essential in your volleyball kit. According to official rules, the volleyball must be made of real or synthetic leather and must have a spherical shape, with a circumference of 65 – 67 cm, a weight of 260 – 280 grams and an internal pressure of 0.300 ÷ 0.325 kg/cm². Initially volleyballs can be very hard, especially when we are small, in fact up to a certain age we use much lighter and softer rubber balls to avoid getting hurt. Once passed to the leather ones it will take some time to get used to them and not to get your arms completely red after shooting a single ball in a bagher. Don’t give up, it’s a matter of habit.

Volleyball net

To complete your home court and challenge yourself with friends, all you need is a net! The regulation net must extend 9.50 – 10 meters in length and one meter in height. There are various types of portable nets on the market, the important thing is that they are strong, safe and have valid support rods. Given the use you will make of them, the net you choose should also tend to be fairly light (easy to carry) and easy to assemble.
After having seen what it takes to play volleyball, let’s go to our specific reviews to buy all the material you need to create a perfect volleyball kit. What do you need to play? Here are some suggestions!

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