Saklikent gorge – a few tips for those who are planning a track in the gorge

Saklikent gorge – a few tips for those who are planning a track in the gorge

Sri Lanka is considered one of the best areas of Asia for observing wild animals in their natural habitat. The length of the gorge is 18 kilometers, the depth is 300 m. The picture is a combination of light rock formations, which form skillful sometimes vertical forms, and pale blue water flowing along the bottom of the canyon.

Like any local landmark, in high season Saklikent becomes a place of pilgrimage for tourists. The peak of the tourist party – traditionally from 11 to 2. The entrance to the park costs a couple of dollars. Near the entrance to the park stretch colorful café-restaurants in very Turkish style, located along the water.

How to go deep into the canyon is a personal matter for everyone. Most tourists go along the bridges along the canyon walls to the first ford and return to restaurants. At the same time, more active people continue their way along the water for a couple of kilometers deep into the canyon, but adventurers try to reach the waterfall flowing along the walls of the canyon (about 4 kilometers from the first ford deep into the canyon).

If you belong to the latter and intend to conquer the gorge, see the tips below.

Come early

The park opens at 8.30 and until 10 remains beautifully deserted. Therefore, leave Fethiye or Kas as early as possible to be able to stay alone with nature in this beautiful place. Otherwise, you will have to share a narrow path with hundreds of tourists)

Get ready for the track, including the water

And that means wearing the right shoes. Please note that you will have to deal with slippery stones, strong currents, a clay bottom and so on. Therefore, the most correct shoes in the gorge will be trekking sandals. Sport rubber shoes with a stable non-slip sole are also suitable. But no flip flops and rubber slippers! Near the entrance to the canyon, you can buy or rent rubber shoes.

Wear short shorts, but get ready for the fact that in some places the water can reach to the waist and higher. As well as sunscreen and glasses will be very useful items of clothing.

Prepare yourself morally for the cold water in the gorge.

Protect your head

Not only from the sun but also from stones. Remember that the gorge is not a tourist attraction. Therefore, follow the elementary safety rules. Rent a helmet at the entrance to the gorge and do not remove it in narrow places with the likelihood of rockfalls and landslides.

Go light

Or take with you waterproof small backpacks and/or waterproof camera covers.

Drive around the side of the gorge on rainy days

On rainy days, the likelihood of flash floods in the canyon increases. For example, in 2014 a flash flood caused by torrential rain claimed the lives of 2 tourists. Therefore, watch the weather forecast, go to the canyon only on a dry day and return from the canyon with the slightest chance of sudden rain.

Save power on the way back

Remember that you will have to go back the same path, so count your strength accordingly.

How to get to Saklikent Gorge on your own

It is best to visit the canyon, traveling by car along the turquoise coast. The canyon is located about 40 km from Fethiye, 40 km from Kalkan and 80 km from Kas, therefore when moving Kas – Fethiye, you can set aside half a day to visit the canyon.

It is most convenient to travel by public transport from Fethiye, from here to the Saklikent gorge there are regular dolmus (about an hour on the way). Find out the schedule on the spot and plan as early as possible departure.

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