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Royal Fruit Mangosteen

Royal Fruit Mangosteen

The lush landscape of Southeast Asia and the patchwork of ancient temples magnets attract travelers to Southeast Asia. But nature and attractions, it’s not all the riches of this land.

Southeast Asia is a fruit Klondike able to satisfy the most “perverse taste”. Naturally, among the fruits, there are their favorites. So, among the latter, mangosteen can be attributed – the amazing taste of which, nature has brought to perfection.

For us, mangosteen are exotic, and for Thailand, something everyday and familiar.


Mangosteen / Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is a tropical, evergreen tree with red-violet round fruits that are similar in size and structure to tangerines, but only in the hard peel. Juicy mangosteen flesh is divided into slices (4-8 pieces in each). Its taste is perfectly balanced, delicate, sweet-sour. It melts in the mouth, spreading tart refreshing nectar.

In addition to a completely amazing taste, mangosteen is also rich in antioxidants. It strengthens the immune system and is useful for the circulatory system. The rind of this fruit is very bitter and inedible, but it has been used in some parts of Asia for more than one millennium.

If you have the opportunity to remove the mangosteen directly from the tree or buy a newly picked one, you will notice that its fruits are very soft, even fragile. They can be easily opened without damaging the core.

After a few days at the plucked fruit, the peel hardens, because it loses moisture and dries. Now it is almost impossible to open it without the help of a knife, so as not to crush the precious core and not to mix it with a bitter skin.

A knife should be made a circular incision in the center (as if you draw an equatorial line), trying not to cut the peel through. Then, slightly turning the upper part off. In the hand will remain the “bowl” with a white core. Slices of mangosteen from the “bowl” are best to get a teaspoon or fork since the heart of the fruit can easily slip out of hand.

The history of mangosteen is often associated with the Queen of England, Victoria, who allegedly offered a reward to someone who would take to deliver her fresh fruit. Whether it was or not, mangosteen can rightly be called the royal fruit, only because it has a unique, exquisite taste. You can try mangosteen in many countries of Southeast Asia, such for example Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, etc., as well as in some countries in tropical Africa.

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