Vietnam Spring Travel Ideas

This is the time when the North of the country has already said goodbye to capricious, unpredictable weather, and the beaches of the center and the south delight with the warm sea and clear sky. The geographical location and diversity of Vietnam’s climate deprive the country of such a thing as seasonality. Due to this, during the year, here you […]

2 popular Thai fruit sweets

Pineapple Fried Rice – the wonders of Thai cuisine That it is incredibly tasty, useful and beautiful. Enumerate the advantages that can be to infinity. But as popular wisdom says, it’s better to see once than a hundred times… In general, Thai cuisine, but like any other, you need to try, choose your favorite dishes and enjoy them. No matter […]

Tunnels Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City

Tunnel history The suburban district of Ho Chi Minh City Cu Chilies on a huge network of tunnels. And although the tunnels became famous during the Vietnam War, they began to be built in the 1940s, during the time of the resistance of Vietnam to the French colonization. Second Life in the tunnels breathed war between northern and southern Vietnam. […]