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2 popular Thai fruit sweets

2 popular Thai fruit sweets

Pineapple Fried Rice – the wonders of Thai cuisine

That it is incredibly tasty, useful and beautiful. Enumerate the advantages that can be to infinity. But as popular wisdom says, it’s better to see once than a hundred times…

In general, Thai cuisine, but like any other, you need to try, choose your favorite dishes and enjoy them.

No matter how pathetic it may sound, but in a series of culinary masterpieces, one of the main places is occupied by Pineapple Fried Rice – fried rice in pineapple. There are many variations with fried rice in Southeast Asia, but it was the geniuses of Thai cuisine who, by combining rice with pineapple, achieved a completely divine taste.

The dish is half-cut along with the pineapple, inside of which, stuffing of fried rice, fragrant pineapple pulp, shrimp and vegetables. Plus, the sweet taste of cashew nuts and raisins. In the classic recipe, ham or chicken is added, but in the vegetarian version, meat can be excluded. All this is seasoned with sauce, spices and served, as already mentioned, in a half pineapple, or at worst in a large, beautiful dish.

A miracle dish appeared in the south of Thailand, but gained popularity throughout the country, so that fried rice in pineapple can be ordered in many restaurants in Thailand. If you are or are planning a trip to Thailand – this favorite Thai cuisine should get on your table. You will see that amazing taste will do its job. Once you have tried Pineapple Fried Rice, you will be doomed to a life-long love affair with rice pineapple).

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